How far do you travel?

We love to travel but anywhere outside of 30 minutes from Columbia, MO requires the Silver or Gold package. There will be additional fees for travel further than the St. Louis or Kansas City areas.

How strict are you time blocks?

We don't carry around a stop watch if that's what you're asking. We try to make sure we capture everything we can to make a wedding film that will be treasured for years to come but we do ask that you choose an appropriate package to match your expectations.

What kind of final product do I get?

We're pretty flexible to your requests but normally we create a 5-10 minute cinematic highlight film of the best parts of your day! It will be synchronized to licensed music. We will post a short teaser film within 72 hours and also provide a basic-edit full ceremony and basic-edit full speeches. You receive all of these on a Blu-ray.

Can I have all the raw footage please?

Filming in 4K for an entire day with multiple cameras can create a LOT of footage. We normally capture upwards of 200gb of data on a wedding day (that's a lot)! It's really hard to move around too. We take that footage and pull all the unforgettable parts for your highlight film. Often what you don't see are multiple takes of the same scene, shaky or blurry footage or some killer footage of the ground/our shoes. All that said, we don't like to provide the raw footage. (If there's a specific reason you absolutely have to have all the footage, we'll talk.)

Music choices

Music is a popular question around here! We have to make sure we properly license the music we use in our films. We currently have access to a large library of pre-licensed music we can use for our films. It's generally pretty good and works well for wedding films. If you have a special request for a licensed song, we can also let YouTube automatically monetize your video for the respectful artist. This means we can only post your film online on YouTube (liked on Facebook) and there will be an ad at the beginning of your video. Lastly, you can pay $50-$70 per song to fully license the song of your choosing.

Videographer meals

Shooting a wedding all day is exhausting! We kindly request a meal of equal quality as served to your guests in the same room as the bridal party is eating immediately after the bridal party is served. We don't normally film while you're eating so we want to be ready too when the fun starts up again!

What if I need to cancel?

Your $500 deposit is non-refundable except in extenuating circumstances in Byler Media's sole discretion (we're not monsters here)

Referral incentives

From time to time we offer referral incentives or "finder fees" for referring a bride to us. Please check our Facebook Page for the latest incentives.

Second Videographers

The Silver and Gold packages come with an additional videographer to help film. The 2nd videographer may or may not be present for the entire duration the 1st videographer is present. Generally, the 2nd videographer is most useful during the "getting ready" time and ceremony.